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3 Of The Very Best Techniques To Grow Your RSS Subscription Base

You know how effective your RSS feeds are to keep aware of your site when you add new content, and that’s the main reason why you should actively market your RSS feed subscription. An understanding of RSS feeds may be valuable when you are attempting to sell an ebook about leather jackets for men – you should be certain to receive more impressive results with the tips within this text.

There are different kinds of tools you can use to encourage people to subscribe to your RSS feed. But we want to zone-in on one particular tool, and that is the MyBlogLog Widget. It’s purpose is to increase subscribers to your feeds. You can just politely ask your visitors to become a subscriber, but we recommend you be more upfront about it than just having a little button neatly tucked-away somewhere. You never know why someone has not done something, like subscribe to your RSS, and it could be a reason as simple as not having a clue about RSS. You could go out of your way a little bit to help them along, and it could even be something like including a page that talks about RSS feeds, etc. You can actually use MyBlogLog Widget to send a message to people who have visited your site, and the message is your polite request to sign-up to your feed.

What’s really cool too is that you’ll be able to quickly look in your sidebar and see who all has paid your site a visit. You’ll directly ask people to subscribe to your RSS when you see them on your site via the sidebar display. There are also other widgets that do the same thing, such as, Bumpzee and BlogCatalog. You really should at least give this approach a test because as you know testing is critical with business and online marketing.

Some people may not subscribe because they don’t know how or what to do – put a little content somewhere that explains it all for them. If you feel your readers are more than likely to have difficulty, then doing this is a very good idea. So what you can try is making the page, and then monitor your logs to see if people even bother to read it – then you’ll know. Another cool thing is do another article/page content that talks about RSS readers and how to get them and use them. Most people have never heard of feed readers and why they’re cool to use, etc. You should write an article where you can offer your users different RSS reader options to choose from. Only give them the best available options so they don’t have to waste time.

This last point is obvious, but so many neglect it – make your site content unique for your own good. Avoid using any “me too” content so that your subscribers get unique information delivered to them. If you do use PLR content, then you may find that people won’t respond to you if they’ve seen the same information on other sites. When you think about that, it only makes sense that people will likely subscribe if your content is not only good but is unique.

You’ll need to market your RSS feed just like you market anything else on your site, but it’s doable because sites get subscribers every day. Remember that whenever you have an online blog concerning eczema free forever – or similar subject- then you should easily be able to experience more success with your online content following these techniques!

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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