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A case of Natural treatment for Psoriasis

If you are looking for a cure for psoriasis, In my opinion the disease is best tackled with natural and light remedies rather than the expensive treatments. One such case came into my attention when one mother came for the treatment of her small baby. The baby was suffering from psoriasis from the start. She had it at the time of birth and everyone was alarmed at the rate it increased from there. In start there were some small patched where you can see the infection but later it spread through the whole body thus horrifying the parents and increasing the agony of parents as well as the child.

The parents told me that they have already tried the best physicians in town but no one could control the spreading of the patches to other parts of the body and as a last resort they want to try the natural remedies as well. I knew that the natural remedies always take more time than the allopathic treatments so I told them that they will have to be patient with the child while trying the natural treatments for the disease.

Police and the DUI Case

As the parents were discussing the treatments, we saw a cop outside looking into their car. The father (Joan) had to go out to check with the officer if everything was OK. The officer told him that he could smell alcohol from there car and he wanted to charge them with a DUI offense. He kept trying to explain to him his situation and how he was already very disturbed over his daughter’s health but the officer refused to listen to him and instead started writing on his pad the registration details of the car and other things. Joan called up his dui lawyer Tampa to mitigate the tension and to avoid the court proceedings and concentrate on the health of his daughter. Once the lawyer came, he explained the whole scenario and the DUI charges were dropped.

Later both the parents went to a natural remedies store and asked for an appointment with the person in charge. They were received well and the treatment started later in the day. In first week they didn’t see much change but during the second week the baby start responding to the natural treatments and with in 2-3 months she was back to normal. The parents couldn’t believe the wonder they saw. Their daughter was cured of the disease and was playing with other children in ground in 11 weeks.

There are some things that you need to take care in case you are a psoriasis patient.

    1. Remain cool and calm: Stress is known to increase the psoriasis risk and aggravate the condition. So try to work in healthier environment and less dirty areas.

    1. Bath: Taking a regular bath with cold or at the max Luke warm water is recommended. Use of little amount of moisturizer is also recommended for the psoriasis patients. Don’t overuse it though.

    1. Avoid Itchy clothes: Psoriasis is sometime coupled with itchiness in skin. So try to avoid the clothes which might increase this condition.

    1. Do go out in sun: It is always recommended to have sun bath sometime in a day when ever you san so that your skin can have a fair amount of sun exposure.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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