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Baby Eczema: Tips For Controlling This Skin Condition

Many parents worry about baby eczema. This condition appears on the face, upper chest, scalp and neck in the first months of life. Later on it may appear on the forearms and shins. Many factors related to baby eczema require great care and attention. Watch out for blisters that could break or leak and for extensive skin dryness. In the worst of cases baby eczema could extend to the entire body skin.

Normally, the diaper area, the nose and mouth parts remain unaffected by the condition. If the areas of skin on the forearms and shins are thickened between the ages of twelve and eighteen months, parents should not be worried since this happens due to babies’ crawling a lot.

Defining Baby Eczema?

The symptoms common to eczema, dermatitis and to baby eczema implicitly include skin scaling, inflammation and reddening of the dermis and even cracking. Even if eczema may appear almost anywhere on the body, the scalp, the chest, the forehead and the joints are the predisposed areas for the development of baby eczema. In very severe cases, baby eczema can become extremely itchy and irritating for the baby and it can even disturb their sleep. Very many babies suffer from atopic buy Generic Imitrex online eczema but this usually occurs because of a genetic predisposition. This condition tends to occur and develop somewhere around the age of two or three months. Atopic eczema results from an oversensitivity of the immune system that involves reactions to the allergic reactions to the environment in conditions normal for other people. Whether babies develop eczema because other members of the family suffer from atopic conditions such as asthma, hay fever or eczema it is still not very clear and certain. Another situation for babies to develop baby eczema may be prolonged exposure to a specific allergen.

Treatments For Infant Eczema

Regarding the treatment of baby eczema it must be pointed out that there is no specific catch-all treatment, unluckily, since it is an allergic condition. Fortunately several therapeutic solutions have been developed and so far they’ve been really good at alleviating eczema symptoms. These remedies for baby eczema include moisturizing, acomplia rimonabant pill careful bath times, avoiding detergents, using cotton clothes, being careful about the babies’ diets, and keeping pets away. Besides, parents should make sure they keep the baby’s environments dust free, as well as minimize scratching through cutting the baby’s nails short.

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