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Cold sores which are also medically referred to as oral herpes or fever blisters cause red fluid filled wounds generally in the mouth, lips and nose of an infected person. Cold sores are a result of a communicable virus known simplex type 1 (HSV-1) that permanently resides in your body and there is no vaccine to prevent its onset. The attack of the virus can happen anytime and often when you are least expecting it turning you suddenly from a confident person with a person affected by sores.

These sores itch and burn and it is immensely painful to endure them. Yet there are ways in which one can get relief from availing cold sore treatment.

In a way you might say these sores are just like children who will always be there with you even if for some time they may not be apparent in your life. Like children they will remain with you always occasionally giving rise to unmanageable situations. Once this fact is clear you will know that cold sore treatment will never make it go away but will only help in controlling their intensity, and shortening the time period when you are affected by it thereby offering some respite.

The best known anti viral treatment for cold sores would be acyclovir available in the market in the name of Zovirax®. Why Acyclovir? For the simple reason that it diminishes the tenure of the infection considerably, which is to suggest nearly 60% and ensures that, it does not get spread further to other areas of the body. Since the cold sores are very infectious, it is very important to try and contain them so as not to spread it to other areas or affect other people as well.

Maintain utmost hygiene and strictly follow a personal care regime like washing hands frequently and avoiding contact with infected areas. Acyclovir can be taken either in oral medication or ointment form and some times, on the suggestion of a doctor, acomplia tablets both for the effective recovery.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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