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Black Spots On A Skin: How To Fight With This? Part 1

How often it is necessary to wash face?

It is necessary to wash exactly as much as it is necessary.

The normal skin carries on itself “a normal” micro flora. “The normal” micro flora in struggle for a place in buy Prevacid online the sun (that is on a skin) forces out the pathogenic.

If skin strenuously to wash from a micro flora, it will be defenseless + micro traumas (wound is a damage, on its place the inflammation and if it is still infected the inflammation will be stronger develops. And the inflammation is a reddening and a pain at least that on the face it is not desirable to have.

If not to wash face in general the skin will become covered with a mud layer + died off false skin + dermal fat and sweat… Such skin can’t self-clean, the mud is a nutrient medium for microbes. Thus, except an unattractive kind and a specific smell you will promote still reproduction of bacteria.

Yes, and if you would touch the face less and microbes and micro traumas will be less.

Conclusion: washing the face it is necessary in process of its pollution. If you live in a big city – 1 – 2 times a day with soap, if in small – once a day without soap.

What water it is better to wash the face with?

It is necessary to wash with warm water. Hot is not more often than once in a week or two. Hot water causes rising greasing that it is not necessary for us. Our purpose is to reduce it. It can be achieved, if in the end of washing to rinse a skin with cold water… Also It is possible to rinse the face with broth of a chamomile, Calendula.

Conclusion: it is necessary to wash face with warm water and then to rinse the face with cold water.

Is it necessary to wipe the skin with ice?

If it is pleasant to you, so you can do it; if it isn’t so it is not necessary to terrorize yourself. Similarly: not all can jump in an ice-hole after a bath.

in one hand, ice and the cold narrows a skin, tones up pores.

on the other hand, ice can injure skin that it is not necessary for us.

Some people have a very sensitive skin that is simply can’t stand cold and especially ice wiping.

What it is better to wash the skin with?

* Toilet soap, any;

* shower gels (generally they for a body… But also for the face will also approach);

* mouce for washing, too (the mouces incorporating natural fats (domestic “Black pearls”) have any the limited period of validity, in due course fats get bitter, synthetic gels and skins remain more longly, but unlike washing-up liquids with natural components, they not so soften skin);

* mouces for shaving – a first-class thing, for cialis wholesale girls also it is recommend.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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