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Diseases Of Hair And Head Skin Part 1

Hair fall problem, diffusive or focal and head skin diseases are the widespread reasons to refer to the dermatologist. Hair is an important part of our organism, and any disturbance of a scalp it is interfaced to inconveniences which we aren’t inclined to underestimate.

There is an opinion that hair serve as a fashion and sexuality symbol. The people deprived of hair, seem us unattractive and look unusually. Men feel less “courageous” and test uncertainty in personal relations and on work.

Hair passes a growth cycle (anagen) and abaissements (telogen); in norm drops out to 100 of hairs a day. Only when this indicator is exceeded, loss of hair becomes appreciable. There is also a seasonal dependence: in summer hair is lost more than in other seasons.

Diffusive baldness

Telogen hair fall. The diffusive alopecia can develop after a serious illness or operation and it can be buy Suhagra online enough expressed. As a rule, in two-three months after the delivery or illnesses a considerable quantity of hair moves from anagen in telogen and drops out. It is shown in the form of a superfluous hair fall, but not a full baldness, here again it is important to abirritate the patient, having convinced him that hair will be restored. The same is observed and after exhausting diets.

Character of a hair fall after a chemotherapy course differs from the aforesaid as it occurs in an anogen phase. Deficiency of iron and thyroid gland disease also can lead to a diffusive baldness.

Androgenic alopecia. 60 % of women more senior 30 years suffer a baldness on man’s type, and their quantity is enlarged after a menopause.

As well as at men, the frontal part and a vertex mainly grow bald; also it is again necessary to abirritate women – such loss of hair seldom happens serious. However high temples have no tendency to grow. To slow down a hair fall the special medical lotion will help, but though only at 30 % of patients improvement is observed.

This expensive treatment is inaccessible within the limits of national system of public health services. Besides, influence of this treatment remains only during preparation application, then the condition of hair gradually comes back to the former.

The androgenic alopecia somewhat develops at women with a polycystosis of ovaries, acne, the hirsutism and the irregular menstruation. At hormonal disturbances also can help medical preparations in a combination with estrogen, as in contraceptive tablets.

Men with an androgenic alopecia start to lose hair from temples, and then from a vertex. Gravity of baldness varies in very wide limits. The quantity of men with such type of a baldness is enlarged with the years while by 70 years does not reach 70 %.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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