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Diseases Of Hair And Head Skin Part 2

As a rule, for men baldness there is a family predisposition to similar type of baldness and the majority of men perceive it as attribute of aging. There is a set of clinics, often illegal, offering transplantation and implantation of hair. The baldness is a problem on which many aspire to gain money. Recently for application at an androgenic alopecia at men the 5-5-reductase inhibitor is licensed phynasteryd. However intake of this preparation may lead to such side effects as loss of a libido or an impotency are thus possible.

Many girls-teenagers and young women who complain that their hair drops out actually possess fine hair without signs of loss. It seems that dense thick hair which was at them in the childhood, simply come to a condition corresponding to other age norm. The objective reasons for this phenomenon it is not found, but though we don’t know why hair become more thin, girls can be abirritated, having assured them that it won’t proceed infinitely: soon the condition of their hair is stabilized at new, absolutely comprehensible level.

Focal baldness

Alopecia. The focal baldness, as a rule, develops owing to alopecia, autoimmune disease at cialis dosage which antibodies against hair follicles are developed. The patient has grown bald sites of a head skin. Areas of a beard and brows can be involved in process, and in hard cases all hair on a head (a total alopecia) or on a body (a universal alopecia) drops out.

Alopecia can develop at any age and at representatives of both sex, but teenagers and young men are more often ill; it can be bound to other autoimmune diseases, such as illnesses of a thyroid gland and a vitiligo. The head skin is healthy, on it smooth roundish high temples and the characteristic individual hair similar to exclamation marks are visible. In 70-80 % of cases of a nest spontaneously grow, but there is a probability of relapse: at more than half of patients within the next five years will appear new sites of baldness.

Occipital nests grow worse and the more is the baldness area there are buy Atacand online less chances for a happy end. In 5-10 % of cases disease comes to an end with a total or universal alopecia. From a total alopecia 10 % of patients recover only; if the baldness has begun before puberty, the forecast is less favorable. At fingernails of some patients small excavations are visible also.

The differential diagnosis at focal loss of hair is spent with a dermatomycosis and a trichotillomania. In the first case the head skin ecdysis is observed, and in both cases hair are more likely fractured, than completely drop out. At alopecia strong steroid preparations to stimulation of growth of hair are applied.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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