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Herpetic Infection. The Treatment Purpose – Suppression Of Replication Of A Virus Part 1

Now the diseases caused by a virus of simple herpes concern one of the most widespread: about 90 % of the population of planet is infected with this virus. Unfortunately, for many years this problem remained out of sight of clinicians and virologists. In many respects it is because insufficient possibilities of laboratory diagnostics of herpes and absence of understanding of pathogenetic mechanisms of disease.

Infection occurs an air-drop or sexual way. The major factors promoting diffusion of disease, the great number of sex partners, neglect principles of safe sex, a low educational level, and homosexuality are. In most cases cialis dosage infection of sexual partners occurs or at their ignorance about infection presence, or at without symptom allocation cialis 20 mg cost of a virus at one of partners. Transfer of herpes virus more often is carried out at sexual contact to the patient or a virus carrier.

The virus can breed asymptomatically or to produce characteristic for herpes labialis or a genital herpes grouped blisters. The condition of immune deficiency conducts to augmentation of frequency of relapses, longer periods of diffusion of a virus and prolongation of symptoms.

Two basic antigenic groups of herpes virus: 1 and 2 types. Thus the strains concerning the same antigenic type can differ on an adjuvanticity and fastness to influence of various chemical and physical factors that finally defines features of clinical implications of illness.

Genital herpes (GH), being the herpes virus concerns to the special case and concerns one of the most widespread diseases transferred by a sexual way, and differs from other illnesses of this group a lifelong carriage of the originator in a human body that defines high percent of formation of relapsing forms of illness.

Herpetic rashes on the genitals accompanied by an itch, a burning sensation and the morbidity, repeating for many years often interfere with family creation, break normal sexual life can lead neurasthenic and to depressions. At women with a tendency to an asymptomatic current of a genital herpes other complications — frequent abortions and fetus infection are more often observed. The primary becoming infected or relapses during pregnancy can lead to the pre-natal infection causing damages after which the further fetation becomes impossible or is accompanied by serious complications and the becoming infected person at the time of delivery can cause serious neonatal and postnatal diseases of newborns. Teratisms, a mental underdevelopment of the child and even a lethal outcome can be a consequence of a pre-natal becoming infected of a fetus or an intranatal becoming infected of the newborn.

Historically occurrence of genital herpes associated with the second type of herpes and on frequency of revealing of antibodies to this serotype of a virus is an epidemiological researches conclusion about prevalence of an infection. (Earlier it was considered that herpes virus of the 1 type is more often identified at a lesion of a face skin, the top extremities, and trunks.) Now it is established that the genital herpes caused by herpes virus-1, began to be found out much more often. The genital infection caused by herpes virus – 1 recurs rather seldom more often relapses arise at patients buy Geriforte Syrup online with a high antiserum capacity to herpes virus-2.

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