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How To Avoid Skin Problems: Councils For Gentle Arms.

Daily we use agents for ware washing, the detergent powders, cleaning gels and Pastas for a tile and sanitary technicians. But thus we very seldom think about that that each time we subject our gentle skin of arms to serious test.

Dermatologists from the American Academy of an allergy, asthma and immunologists also have developed special references for protection of a skin against negative influence of agents of household chemical goods. Try to follow these simple councils and your arms always will be soft and gentle.

What threatens fans of beauty?

Allergic contact dermatitis is red maculae, cracks, heat-spots on a skin of arms. These symptoms are familiar to many housewives and professional cleaners. More often their reason is an allergic reaction to household chemical goods agents, soap, and nail polish. Sometimes on a skin there are blisters from which at opening the transparent liquid is allocated. Outwardly it reminds eczema, however the reason of such dermatitis can consist in banal detergent powder.

Agnail is the cuticle, a thin stria of a gentle sensitive skin round a fingernail, often inflames and swells joys who often erases or washes ware manually, without use of any protective agents.

Stratified fingernails is a problem of those who constantly “gargles” arms in water with addition of detergent powder, a laundry soap, not so qualitative agent for ware washing.

Cracks on finger-tips – soap, detergent powder and other “chemistry” dries a gentle skin which starts to be shelled and then and bursts.

How to protect skin of arms?

1 At occurrence of any boring of a skin try to reduce to a minimum contact of arms to detergent powders, washing-up liquids and poor-quality soap.

2 Each time when you erase, wash ware or clean a tile put on dense rubber gloves.

3 If after contact with agents of household chemical goods the cuticle has inflamed, try to grease with its decolorized solution of iodine which will render bactericidal and healing effect.

4 to prevent or get rid of cracks finger-tips, during the day rub in them a little of fat cialis without prescription nutritious cream for arms or neutral hygienic lipstick.

5 After each washing or ware washing wash up arms with soft soap and carefully dry them up.

6 Every morning put on a skin wetting cream for arms, updating a layer of cream the whole day long. Necessarily grease arms with a cream after any contact to water.

7 If the skin on arms becomes dry and has cracked, put on it a dense mass of a nutritious cream and put on for the night cotton gloves. In the morning your arms become again soft and gentle.

8 If you don’t like to work on the house in rubber gloves, try to use a convenient novelty – buy Abana online a cream-glove. It forms on a surface a skin thin, but very proof Membranula which will protect a skin from influence of chemical substances, softens and feeds it. Put such cream each time before washing of ware or washing.

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