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Important Information About Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis Disease

Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis is a chronic disorder that occurs with the inflammation of joints in minors. Both males and females get affected by this disease and approximately 8-20% of juvenile arthritic patients are psoriatic arthritis patients. The average age at which JPA was diagnosed in children (Median age of onset) is 4.5 years for females and 10 for boys. Females also hold the majority among patients.

Causes and Symptoms:

Here is another mysteries disease for which, no cause has yet been identified. In most cases, psoriasis is preceded by arthritis. Hence there can be a connection between previous psoriasis infections and this disease. Genetic disorders are also taken into consideration, though no one has been able to produce substantial proof to pass the theory.

A few of the very common symptoms are associated with the joints. JPA is considered monoarticular. This means only one joint is affected at the initial stage. Quite often the fingers and toes are the first to get affected. Other joints are the hip, tendons and sole. Joints begin to look swollen, inflamed with difficulty in performing physical activities. If fluid builds up inside the joints in fingers and toes, they can even end up looking like sausages.

As for psoriasis symptoms, the skin begins to produce red or pink patches of skin cells. These are scaly and sometimes irritating. Often found in locations such as the affected joints, knees, elbows, navel and scalp. If the disease is mild, only a few locations will be affected. Itching and burning are some of the other associated symptoms. The nail is another area that gets affected by JPA. 71 % of children experience loosened pitted nails with horizontal lines on them.

The worst case scenario would be deformities to the joint and skeletal growth, shortening of fingers and contracture of joints. Apart inflammation to the eye, particularly in the iris and conjunctiva can result in permanent damages.

Treatment is given to manage the pain, prevent future joint deteriorations and control inflammation. Light dosages of the drugs given to adults are prescribed for children as well. In addition to this, parents are also advised to give children lots of rest and adequate physical therapy. Most of the research indicates that supplements, such as glucosamine HCL, are simply not effective.

There is no treatment method that can put a one time full stop to this disease. Once a person is in the affected zone, even after it subsides, he or she is most likely to get it again. Fortunately, Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis is not contagious. Therefore, one must keep in mind to fix regular checkups for one’s own safety.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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