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Kinds Of Eczema – Your Guide To This Skin Condition

Eczema is is not a single type of disease which is in opposition with what a lot of people think. Actually it is not a skin condition at all! It is actually a ailment of the immune system which leads to the symptoms that occur on the skin. No matter what the causes might be though, there are actually a number of different problems that come under the eczema banner. Below is a description cialis online of a few of the most common eczema conditions that trouble a large number of people through part of, or thier whole lives.

Atopic Dermatitis

This can be a category of eczema that primarily affects cialis 20 mg dosage children, but not exclusively. Many children get atopic dermatitis but “overcome it with age” as they become older thankfully. However man continue to suffer from it as adults as well, and a couple of other people manage to develop it later in life as well.

It causes dry, itchy, irritated skin that will entail regular daily care especially in children. Atopic dermatitis does not have any sort of contagiousness though, it is a problem within yourself not from viruses caught by other people. This type of of eczema is often hereditary and others in your family may have it, or may have asthma which is considered another strong link for this eczema.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

This is a variety of eczema that is made by allergies to a particular substance that is placed against the skin. Numerous people have this reaction to specified metals that can make it difficult for them to wear jewellery or metal parts on their clothes. You can also develop this condition from certain fabrics when you wear them running against yoru skin whilst you wear them, and also from chemical compounds in cleaning fluids and other lab made substances we use around the homes.

There are many more allergic reactions that just these though – but the ones above are quite common.

Nummular Dermatitis

Nummular Dermatitis shows on your body as small to medium sized round red markings of scaly and dry skin. They can be itchy and feel like they are burning many times, this can be found all over the body.

One peculiar thing that has been noticed is that nummular dermatitis is mainly found in men over 55, and females between 15 and 25. This is not the only time and sexes that get affected however, but there seems to be more in these ranges than in others which some link to hormonal changes of men and women at those times.

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