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National Psoriasis Awareness Month – Are you aware?

Did you know that is it National Psoriasis Awareness Month? Do you know what Psoriasis is? If either of your answers was ‘no’, then please read on.

Raising Awareness – Hollywood Style

Psoriasis has been in the news recently, coincidentally just in time for National Psoriasis Awareness Month. It has been reported that the Hollywood actress, Kin Kardashian has recently been diagnosed with Psoriasis. However, newspaper reports highlight the lack of understanding of the condition, as the Mail online reports,  “Kim Kardashian can beat her psoriasis and so can the 1.2 million Britons that suffer from it”. Unfortunately no one told that reporter that there is no known cure, and that it is a condition that sufferers must just learn to live with.

No Known Cure

Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease which affects the skin through an overproduction of skin cells. These lead to the build up of plaques and scales, which can be itchy and painful. There is no known cure, however there are a range of treatments which alleviate the symptoms for most sufferers.

Lack of Understanding

With newspapers and the general public thinking that there is a cure, or other misconceptions, such as the disease being contagious, psoriasis sufferers often feel isolated and persecuted, as they will frequently find themselves having to explain the condition cialis online which is not a pleasant thing to have to do. Lack of understanding can also lead to hurtful remarks which can be damaging to confidence and lead to more serious problems such as anxiety and depression.

Need More Support

In a recent survey conducted by a leading psychologist discovered that 94% of GPs don’t have the time to ask psoriasis sufferers about the impact the condition has on their everyday lives.  This suggests that the psychological aspect of the disease is often overlooked and not addressed. It is also suggested that psoriasis may be a factor in 350 suicides a year – which strongly suggests a need for more support for psoriasis sufferers.

Not Just Skin Deep

While having some patches of raised red, itchy skin may sound like a minor inconvenience to those who don’t suffer the disease, for those that have it it can be a  major problem. When faced with it day in day out, and not knowing when the next flare up will occur, this condition can have a debilitating effect.  The social impacts can be vast, with psoriasis often affecting personal relationships and work.

How You Can Help

Psoriasis is not contagious, so if you are in the company of someone with the condition there is no need to keep your distance, or avoid contact. Although it may appear painful buy Zithromax online or unsightly, avoid staring or commenting –it s unlikely that the sufferer is unaware of their condition! Psoriasis suffers don’t want special treatment, just to be treated like everyone else.

Do You Suffer From Psoriasis?

If you are affected by psoriasis, either as a sufferer or close to someone who is, then you may find some of the online communities helpful. There are several online communities for psoriasis sufferers,  offering help and support from discussing treatments to lending a friendly ear after a bad day. It is good to be able to talk with people who understand what you are going through, and is also beneficial for your family and friends to have a place to learn more about the condition and how best to support you through tricky times.

Emma writes for Katharine Botanicals, who produce a range of treatment for psoriasis including guttate psoriasis treatments.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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