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Natural Remedies For Psoriasis

For the psoriasis sufferer, to who all else has provided very little relief, considering yoga as a mental conditioner would be a very wise move as a preparation to a natural treatment for psoriasis.

Some Alternative Approaches To Dealing With Psoriasis

This article explores some alternative treatments which may relieve the symptoms of Psoriasis. Some of the treatments previously considered alternate are now becoming mainstream.

In a recent survey, more than half of the people with Psoriasis said that the affect to their self-confidence was harder to handle than even the disease itself. Often psoriasis sufferer’s experience fear, anger or hopelessness but treatments can properly address some of the side effects and help reduce the emotional impact. There is clear and unquestioned scientific evidence that stress triggers or aggravates psoriasis in many people. Therefore practices that offer stress reduction and relaxation can help people with psoriasis have a better sense of being in control. These techniques are not intended as a replacement for traditional approaches but seem to work best when used as a supplement.


One of the most popular branches of alternative medicine, the word acomplia diet pills is derived from aroma meaning smell and therapy indicating healing.

Essential Oils form the basis of aromatherapy. Extracted from plants they are highly concentrated and should not be used directly but typically blended together. To reduce the potency, dilute them by mixing them with carrier oils. Oils affect your mood. Entering through the olfactory system and affecting the nervous system, oils improve mood, relax or energize us helping to alleviate stress. They also speed healing. Essential oils have cosmetic properties and are used in skin and hair care products. Many have anti-viral, antifungal and antiseptic properties. They can be inhaled, massaged onto the body, added to bath or shower or sprayed into the air.

Not all products labeled "aromatherapy" are pure and natural. Buyers must look at the ingredients within a product to ensure that the product does not contain fragrance oils or impure components. Beware of products that do not list their ingredients.


After years as an alternative approach to relaxation, the benefits of massage are gaining increased acceptance by the medical community. Massage professionals and health care providers use it to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and induce relaxation, also proven to relieve and manage chronic and acute pain. Psoriatic arthritis sufferers may find that massage helps relieve their joint pain. There are many types including deep tissue massage, reflexology, Swedish massage, shiatsu and acupressure. Discuss which approach will work best for you. It may also be helpful to tell the receptionist that you have psoriasis.


No longer just an Eastern philosophy meditation is the practice of focusing the mind continuously on one thought, phrase or prayer for a period of time. Included among the many changes due to meditation are improvement in immunity, reductions in heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow to skeletal muscles, oxygen consumption, respiratory rate, muscle tension and perspiration. One study examined the use of meditation-based relaxation tapes in psoriasis patients undergoing ultraviolet light (UV) treatments and found that some patients who listened cleared faster, even twice as fast.


Yoga is an applied science of the mind and body, coming from the Hindu scriptures. It does not create health; rather, it creates an internal environment that allows the individual to come to his own state of dynamic balance, or health. Yoga teaches that a healthy cialis no rx person is a harmoniously integrated unit of body, mind and spirit. Good health requires a simple, natural diet, exercise in fresh air, a serene and untroubled mind and awareness. It involves controlled breathing, stretching, strengthening exercises, and meditation. It is thought to promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being. All ages and physical conditions can practice yoga. The many different types are all based on the basic idea of uniting mind and body. When the body is controlled through yoga’s careful positions, muscles relax and circulation improves releasing tension and stress.

Additional Therapies include: Art therapy, Electromagnetic Therapies, Guided Imagery, Progressive Relaxation, Reflexology, Spiritual Practices, Tai Chi or Visualization. Any of these help to refocus your thinking away from a preoccupation with your condition. The consequent lack of stress can offer benefits in the form of reduced symptoms.

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Published: 6/23/2007

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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