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Psoriasis refers to a disease that is impacting around 3 % of the global population today.

The disease causes areas of the skin to flare-up with large irritated red spots. There is no consensus in the scientific commmunity about a single cause for the disease. There are a few different classifications of the condition, ranging from generalized to pustular psoriasis. Instead, it seems that many different elements combine to cause psoriasis.

The most important thing to know about the disease is that it is isn’t contagious. Psoriasis is not a germ or virus that can be passed from person to person. However, psoriasis can affect almost anyone in the population. It’s most common in young adults, typically in their teenage years through middle age.

Researchers have found that certain genetic mutations cause psoriasis. Nearly 9 genetic mutations have been found that may be involved in causing this condition. It is these mutations that cause the genes to act differently and hence lead to this skin condition.

Among the different causes of psoriasis might be the abnormal behavior of the immune system. Typically, in a regular working body immune system, it is the white blood cells which generate antibodies which combat the bacteria and viruses. But in psoriais, it is the T-cells, a type of white blood cells, that have a tendency to become overactive. Then these cells act upon the epidermis and make the skin cells increase at a faster rate than normal. Now this leads to the skin cells stacking up. In the case of a normal person, the skin cells get formed and then they mature and are eventually sloughed off in a few weeks. But in case of a person affected with psoriasis, the whole process gets completed within 3 to 5 days. The T-cells are designed to produce chemicals in normal conditions; that help in healing the skin. But in the case of a person affected with psoriasis, the amount of chemicals being produced by these T-cells is so large that it leads to inflammation of the skin as well as joints. The environmental condition is also responsible for causing this condition. A direct exposure to sunlight is what can cause the psoriasis rashes to improve. And during the chilly winter months, this condition can often exacerbate.

Skin injury can produce an onslaught of psoriasis. It ordinarily takes somewhere between 2 to 6 weeks for a sore to make an appearance in this situation. The various kinds of skin injuries include things like chafes, besides viral rashes as well as drug rashes. Burning from the sun can also lead to this condition. Other causes could be increased friction from a piece of clothing rubbing against the skin, particularly below armpits or breasts.

Stress is additionally a likely source of psoriasis flare-ups. Even though this cause is yet to be verified, but it is clear that a stressful condition can cause a psoriasis rash to worsen. Also, people who tend to worry a lot respond lesser to psoriasis treatment as compared to people who do not worry much. A low level of calcium can be what causes psoriasis. Also, this is a medical condition that passes down in families.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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