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Skin Aging: What Cosmetic It Is Better To Choose? Part 2

Skin aging: what cosmetic it is better to choose? cialis shelf life Part 2

So let us continue talking about skin aging problems and how it can be solved. So what other cosmetic preparations it is better to choose to stop the process of fast skin aging?

The scale of Coherence preparations is actually the whole program for restoration of a growing old skin. It unites to the agents including specific substances, named vectors. These vectors activate synthesis of the collagen III which stocks are settled in a skin approximately by 40 years. Day cream Coherence jour reliably protects a skin from external influences. The night cream of this scale Coherence nuit restores and relaxes a skin. The cream is a contour for labiums Coherence levres returns to labiums the lost volume and a cream for neck Coherence cou smoothes a gentle skin of this vulnerable zone.

Besides, the laboratory has agents for care of a body. To get into condition bust agents of Phytrel will help. The line for correction of a figure the (Phytophyline will help to struggle with a cellulitis.

The unconditional leader in the market of agents from extensions is the scale of Phytolastyl. Extracts of plants (an ivy, a horsetail), a part of agents, will help to prevent their occurrence or to cope with already existing extensions (an ampoule of Phytolastyl).

All these cosmetic agents of laboratory Lierac are developed by doctors – dermatologists, allergists, cosmeticians. In the course of creation all agents are tested on hypoallergenicity and efficiency – from initial raw materials to a ready product. The cosmetics of this laboratory is popular in Frenchwomen, there can be therefore they and in sixty years look young.

Recently cosmeticians of firm have presented on the market a new cream against skin aging – Arkeskin. It is intended specially for women in a menopause and on force of cosmetic influence on a withering skin is recognized by unique.

Basis of a new cream is the powerful natural substance cyto-nacre taken from sea of Australian conchas. Exclusive regenerating properties of nacre are known for a long time and modern scientists have managed to allocate its extract. The new cream doesn’t contain hormones, but with success replaces hormonal therapy and returns to a skin youth. Results of tests have appeared convincing: in four weeks the thickness of live layers of a skin is considerably enlarged and from dry and flabby it becomes elastic and firm. In 1997 Arkeskin was awarded as the best face cream by the cosmetic Oscar award that is annually given by magazine Cosmetic.

All agents of dermal cosmetic laboratory Lierac including a new cream Arkeskin are on sale in the drugstores. Now it is possible to become younger, more attractive without special work and be more self-assured, brighter and beautiful.

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