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Skin care tips for winter

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Winter Skin Care Tips

In freezing conditions of the winter, the cold can cause your skin red itchy marks and dryness. Even the moisturised skins can get dry over Winter. We are led to believe wearing various layers of clothing will help us keep warm and protect our skin from the wind or the cold. That is not accurate because we still have to moisturise our skin throughout the winter like we do over over seasonal period to retain the moisture in our skin. Here are some advice on order acomplia online what you can do to protect your skin in winter.

Drink plenty of water so that your body organs do not get dehydrated especially skin being the biggest organ of all. Consuming lots of water keeps our skin moisturised. When we work our body by going to the gym or playing sports we sweat and it is very important that we replenish the water we lose through our skin.

Apply creams and lotions in your skin before going to bed. We apply moisturising lotions before we go to work but sometimes we forget to apply it at nights before we sleep. Applying cream at night is very important because we do a lot of activities during the day time by which we lose moisture in our skin. when your feet starts getting dry and cracking then your skin is not consuming enough moisture as it should be.

Use humidifiers in your home, because the air in winter can be very dry. As the heater is almost on all day and night long it can cause drying effect on your skin, you will also feel your nasal passages getting dryer. To add bits of moisture to the air invest in humidifiers in Germany we call it luftbefeuchter.

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Take showers with cool water. I know we all want to shower in hot water in freezing condition but it does not do any good to our skin, use cool water for shower so that it does not let our skin dry.

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