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Skin Infections: Mycotic Infections Part 1

Dermatophytes infection

Dermatophytes get and grow in a skin, hair and fingernails. They can be of different form and types, its Name of separate kinds of dermatophytes occurs from appearance of their colonies. generic cialis 10mg So, Trichophyton rubrum usually forms colonies of red color. Many kinds of dermatophytes have the favorite localization. Body mycotic affections grasp any area of a skin of a trunk and extremities, in them are inherent well circumscribed ring-shaped damages with the raised shelled edges.

Vesicles and pustules are occasionally observed. At ring-shaped damages of a skin the wide differential diagnosis including a ring-shaped granuloma, a ring-shaped urticaria, discoid or the subacute form of a system lupus erythematosus and a chronic erratic erythema is spent. For diagnosis acknowledgement undertakes the part of tissue from edges of damages and the mycologic culture. Sometimes it is possible to receive false-negative results, especially when local treatment was applied. At the serious clinical data in favor of a mycosis it is necessary to repeat medical examination. For the limited infections, as a rule, use local treatment, however at fixing and serious infections or at the weakened immunity resort to system therapy.

Mycotic affections of inguinal area: The dermatophytes infection is localized in an inguen. Men suffer this kind of disease much more often than women owing to anatomic features of this area which becomes a buy Ceftin online fertile field for growth of mycotic. An infection source, as a rule, is the present mycotic affection of feet. Often from area of an inguen the infection extends on the bottom part of a stomach, a breech and a scrotum. Typical are well discernible itching rashes sometimes accompanied by an ecdysis.

At the established diagnosis the doctors choose the same approach, as at a trunk mycotic affection. System therapy is prescribed in the event that the infection extends for inguen limits. The accompanying lesion of feet also demands treatment. Patients should have an individual towel and clothes.

Fungoid diseases of a pilar part of a head develop owing to growth of mycotic in a hair hinge or on a hair surface. Many kinds of dermatophytes can amaze a pilar part of a head, from them in Great Britain is most extended Microsporum canis fungoid disease. Basically the originator is transferred to the person from dogs and cats and rarer from the person to the person. Children can be also affected by fungoid diseases at whom the ecdysis and a hair fall is observed. Other fungoid infections meet less often and cause Trichophyton violaceum and Trichophyton tonsurans at which appear black points on a head skin because of destruction of the inflated hinges of hair. The infection is extended mainly in the Near East, in Southern Africa and Pakistan, often leads to formation of a favus with extensive loss of hair, sometimes with a cicatrization and yellowish thyroid flakes at the proximal extremity of hair.

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