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Skin Problems: How To Treat Warts And Other Skin Problems With The Help Of Minerals? Part 1

First of all I want to notice that all the minerals and vitamins are good protection against many viruses and it means that they are protecting our organism and strengthening immune system and that is very important during the wart treatment as warts are the cause of the human papilloma virus.

mineral substances, so that is whatyou should know:


It participates in bone creation (in the form of Natri phosphors of calcium is a part of the basic substance of flat and tubular bones, teeth), participates in formation of cellular membranes, it is necessary for normal course of process of transfer of the hereditary information (enters into the nucleotides forming DNA), participates in power supply of all metabolic processes, participates in regulation рН internal liquid mediums (is a part of buffer systems). Daily requirement 1,5 2,0 grams.

Insufficiency symptoms Anxiety, irritability, delicacy, a shiver, ostealgias, weariness, spasmodic breath, a numbness or on the contrary hypersensibility of a skin. The phosphorus disadvantage is formed seldom since it is present at meat, fish and in many vegetative products. Balance between calcium and phosphorus salts is regulated by vitamin D.

Indications to applications; Fractures, an osteoporosis, caries, nervous breakdowns.


It is necessary for blood formation and normal performance by a blood of function of supply of tissues by oxygen and Carbone dioxide excision (is a part of a hemoglobin molecule), is a part of a myoglobin of muscles, as a part of cytochromes (enzymes respiratory chains) participates in fabric breath. cialis for sale Daily requirement 0,015 – 0,020 grams.

Insufficiency symptoms. It is accompanied by a clinical picture of an iron deficiency anemia (delicacy, giddiness, a dyspnea and compressing retrosternal pains at loads, a chill, a food faddism, a tongue boring, episodes of sudden difficulty of swallowing at the buy Nizagara online use of firm nutrition), fragility and a hair fall, concave stratified fingernails, in a blood – depression of quantity buy cialis online of erythrocytes, hemoglobin, a color indicator.

Indications to applications:. The period of the accelerated growth, pregnancy, a lactemia, plentiful acute or often repeating hemorrhages.


It is necessary for maintenance of osmotic pressure of liquid mediums of an organism, resetting liquid and salt balance and рН for a blood, for normal work of a stomach, nervous and muscular activity. Daily requirement is 4 – 6 grams.

Insufficiency symptoms can develop at reception diuretic in the big doses, at an intensive diaphoresis, profuse diarrheas. Thus appear: spastic strictures of muscles of a stomach, a nausea, vomiting, and orientation loss, disturbance of coordination of movements, muscular delicacy, an arterial hypotension, and drowsiness.

Indication to application: Among indications of applications are the following living conditions, as for example serious physical work, sports, work in hot shops, dehydration at illnesses (vomiting, diarrhea).

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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