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Skin Problems: How To Treat Warts And Other Skin Problems With The Help Of Minerals? Part 2


It is an intracellular ion. At the expense of active introduction of potassium in a cell at simultaneous deducing of sodium on a cellular membrane the electric potential providing reaction of a cell on stimulus is framed. In this connection potassium is of great importance for normal functioning of erethitic tissues – nervous, muscular, spending system of heart. Daily requirement is 2 – 3 grams.

Insufficiency symptoms. Instability of a warm rhythm, neuroses, tolerance depression to a glucose, immunity depression (eels, susceptibility, fungoid diseases), muscular fatigability, headaches, a nausea, a sleeplessness, an unstable chair.
Indications to applications: Arrhythmias, treatment of a hydropic syndrome by diuretics (a heart failure, a hyperaldosteronism, liver diseases).

Safety measures. At diseases of kidneys the question on appointment of this mineral substance in medical preparations appoints only the doctor.


It is the important catalyst in many ferment systems plastic and energy balance, promotes penetration of potassium in cells. On the basis of the mechanism of a competition to the calcium concerning the same chemical subgroup, interferes with adjournment of salts – calcination of soft tissues, to formation of stones in kidneys (oxalate and calcium Natry phosphors).

Insufficiency symptoms. Disturbance of biosynthesis of fibers and energy formation, depression of appetite, efficiency of cerebration, implication at a syndrome of chronic weariness, becomes perceptible to emotional instability, depression, an irritable colon, arrhythmias, and an arterial hypertension.

Indications to applications: Chronic hypoxemic conditions (a chronic circulatory inefficiency, chronic diseases of lungs), treatment by diuretics, a syndrome of chronic weariness, emotional instability, depression, an irritable colon, arrhythmias, an arterial hypertension.

Safety measures. Between magnesium and calcium is the optimum parity since at an overabundance of magnesium it can force out calcium from bones that promotes an osteoporosis should be observed.

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It is necessary in proper quantities for maintenance of a correct exchange of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It promotes preventive maintenance of a climacteric osteoporosis and growth of buy Ultimate Male Enhancer online a muscular tissue.

Insufficiency symptoms. It meets very seldom and basically in the form of a senile osteoporosis. Insufficiency of boron thus usually specifies in insufficiency of vitamin D.

Indications to applications: Preventive maintenance of a post climacteric osteoporosis.
Safety measures: It is not recommended to apply more than 3 mg of boron a day.


It is necessary for an osteogenesis, maintenance of a fortress of an adamantine substance of tooth. Plays a role in reproduction and growth processes, slows down cholesterol synthesis

Insufficiency symptoms. Fast offensive of weariness at exercise stresses, depression of a fortress of teeth, susceptibility to caries, psych emotional lability, instability of vegetative reactions, at diabetes – bent to frequent episodes of a hypoglycemia.

Indication to application. Diabetes, the raised and labile arterial pressure, planned weight reduction, sports loads.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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