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Skin Problems: How To Treat Warts And Other Skin Problems With The Help Of Minerals? Part 3


It is necessary for synthesis of hormones of a thyroid gland, for normal growth, physical and mental development has an influences on adrenal system, accelerates a lipolysis.
Insufficiency symptoms. At children a delay of physical and mental development, at adults – delicacy, a hypothermia, viscosity of thinking, weight rising.

Indication to application: Endemic deficiency of iodine, a hypothyroidism.


In the presence of copper and iron cobalt promotes formation and maturing of erythrocytes (is a part of a molecule of vitamin В12), participate an exchange of fat acids, breath of hair, a diarrhea, the general delicacy, dermal ulcers, taste change oppresses processes fabric. Insufficiency of entering of copper can develop at children at artificial feeding as in the cow milk of copper isn’t present.

Indication to application. Preventive maintenance of an osteoporosis, baldness, a lipidemia, preventive maintenance of professional poisonings by aniline stains, lead, mercury.

It detains fluorine in an organism and consequently promotes strengthening of an enamel of teeth and caries preventive maintenance, participates in transformation of purines in urinary acid, in an exchange of xanthenes. The molybdenum exchange is interfaced to a copper exchange.

Insufficiency symptoms. An impotency (consumers of the refined nutrition have signs of accompanying insufficiency of copper).

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Indication to application. An impotency, ulites, caries.

Safety measures. The molybdenum overabundance can provoke intestinal disorders, gout advance, and replacement of copper and disturbance of a phosphoric exchange in bones.


Its basic function is process retardation of dioxide oxidations of lipids. It is the vital antioxidant, especially in a combination to vitamin E. Their interaction is so close that is required additional reception of one deficiency for updating of another. Selenium protects cialis buying immune system by the prevention of formation of free radicals and stimulates development of antibodies, prevents a prostate hyperplasia, counteracts development of tumors, is necessary for normal work of heart, a pancreas, a liver (protects a liver from influence of alcohol and other poisons), for maintenance of elasticity of a connecting tissue.

Insufficiency symptoms: Working capacity depression, growth retardation, rising of level of cholesterol in bloods, susceptibility to infections, weakening of liver functions, signs of pancreatic insufficiency, sterility.

Indications to applications: Diseases of cardiovascular system, chronic diseases of a liver and a pancreas, sterility.


Strengthens an enamel, skeleton bones, skin appendages (hair, fingernails).
Insufficiency symptoms: a hair fall, bad fingernails.

Safety measures. The overabundance of entering of fluorine conducts to inhibition of an exchange of fats, carbohydrates, oppression of fabric breath, fluorosis enamels of teeth, fragility and retardation of growth and neogenesis of bones.


It promotes full recycling of insulin and a glucose that does possible its application at predilection both to hyper-, and to a hypoglycemia. It promotes a lipolysis, augmentation of muscular mass.

Insufficiency symptoms. Chronic weariness, internal anxiety, signs of disturbance of metabolism (depression of force of muscles and muscular mass, depression of immune buy Luxiq Foam online protection). Deficiency of chrome meets approximately at half of population of the Earth.

Indication to application: A syndrome of chronic weariness, adiposity, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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