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Skin Problems: Psoriasis Treatment.

Despite variety of the reasons causing a psoriasis or scaly deprive, clinical implications of this disease are characteristic enough and allow skilled doctors to establish without special work the correct diagnosis.

More often the psoriasis is shown by symmetrically located flat cyanotic-pink plaques which gradually merge among themselves. From above psoriasis plaques or papules are covered with fine silvery flakes which at fingernail scratch easily fly, and on their place appears so-called phenomena of stearin maculae, varnish Membranula and a microscopical droplet of a blood, it also calls “bloody dew” as old doctors named this effect.

Often sick of a psoriasis complain of a strong itch, feeling of tightening of a skin. Illness is characterized by a long chronic current during which time the exacerbation periods can be replaced by remission – illness deviation.

Depending on the sizes and character of rashes distinguish some forms scaly depriving: the punctual psoriasis characterized in the size of papules in a size of a grain; a tear-shaped psoriasis when elements reach the size of lentil grain; also psoriasis can reach in size of three-five centimeters; a ring-shaped psoriasis at which elements form rings; figured, or a geographical psoriasis when outlines of the centers of illness on a skin remind a map.

On a pilar part of a head – a nape, temples, a cinciput – at psoriasis there are sites of stratification of flakes accurately towering over a skin. However hair thus is never amazed with it.

Approximately the quarter of sick people have the lesion of fingernails shown in the form of punctual excavations, thinnings and dystrophias of a nail plate and dim whitish maculae reminding a mycotic affection of a fingernail.

Some patients have serious complication of joins dermal rashes: progressing deformation of joints of extremities and backbone rigidity. This form of psoriasis is the most serious and often leads to physical inability. The lesion of joints usually arises after five-seven years after the disease. At the heart of this complication inflammatory process in joints and a resorption of an osteal tissue lie.

Doctors distinguish three stages in a current of psoriasis: progressing, stationary and regressing. For a progressing stage occurrence of price cialis new rashes, presence of an inflammatory crown round a papule (a growth crown), a phenomenon of a psoriasis triad (stearin maculae, varnish Membranula and bloody dew), augmentation of the area of a lesion are characteristic.

In a stationary stage fresh elements don’t appear, there is no crown of growth round papules. At a regressive stage psoriasis elements get harder, turn pale, decrease in size. In a warm season clinical implications of psoriasis can disappear absolutely, encouraging illusion of a full recovery. However more often long and regular treatment is necessary to the patient as much as possible to reduce troubles which awards scaly deprive.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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