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Skin Problems: What Is Psoriasis?

One of the most widespread dermatological diseases is psoriasis, or scaly deprive – chronic relapsing disease at which on a skin periodically there are accurately limited reddish plaques covered with silvery flakes. buy Omnicef online About two percent of the population of the Earth suffers with this disease. With psoriasis more often get ill white people, representatives of black and yellow races much more rare.

The word “psoriasis” is translated with Greek as scabies, an free cialis itch. Possibly, physicians, thinking out the term, didn’t think of that ancient Greeks the first have described unpleasant excruciating disease. Still legendary Hippocras tried to cure this illness of the patients. However since then passed many centuries, and the psoriasis continues to make the life miserable of many generations of people.

In spite of the fact that psoriasis symptoms are known from time cialis free offer immemorial, the true reasons causing this illness serve till now as a subject of discussions among scientists-physicians. The majority of doctors abandon to the idea that at the heart of an illness hereditary, neurogenic factors, metabolism disturbance and also autoimmune processes lie.

Men and women are ill equally often. The data of family trees allows asserting that the psoriasis can be observed throughout many generations of one sort though the heredity in this case isn’t fatal – not all descendants of the person, suffering with a psoriasis will be excruciated with it.

Researches have shown that only five percent of relatives of the first degree of relationship (children, sisters, brothers) sick with psoriasis also suffer this dermal disease. However absence of absolute conformity in similar situations testifies influence of any other factors participating in a releaser of disease. Special genetic researches have shown that at sick with disturbances of synthesis of molecules of DNA responsible for transfer of the hereditary information the psoriasis can be shown.

In due time attempts to explain occurrence of psoriasis are made with the help of the infectious theory became. As the originator was called streptococci, funguses, various viruses. But the conducted researches with evidence have proved that in this case any microorganism can’t be responsible for illness occurrence.

Supporters of the theory saying that “all illnesses – from nerves”, in relation to a psoriasis also couldn’t prove convincingly the favorite thesis though cases when the psoriasis was shown after the transferred psycho emotional trauma or a stressful situation are described.

Today the most widespread theory of a parentage scaly depriving it is considered the system process formed at patients with expressed weakening of immunity against disturbances of functions of nervous system, endocrine glands, and metabolic processes. Certainly, presence of so numerous factors considerably complicates search of an original cause of disease that not always allows defining the most effective way of treatment.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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