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Smart Natural Cures for Stubborn Problems

Smart Natural Cures for Stubborn Problems

Some children hate their math. “But why do we have to learn to add and subtract?”, is their plaintive cry, sometimes. Parents usually find themselves patiently explaining to the child that nothing moves without math in this world. To the list of things they can think of that can’t work without a bit of math, perhaps they should add how people choose their food too – dividing the weight of a package of food by the number of portions it is supposed to contain, counting calories and taking away the carbs and adding the fat. Perhaps that wouldn’t really make a big impression with the child. But that aside, the right choices in food is capable of some pretty spectacular natural cures as well. Let’s look at a few of them, shall we?

You keep seeing all these fraudulent claims on products like Ocean Spray’s Cranberry Juice that they do great things for your immunity. All that’s a lot of bunk, of course. But do you know what can be a great immunity builder? Sunflower seeds and whole grain cereal, of course. Opening a box of whole-grain cereal for breakfast, no matter what it is, can give you all of the immunity building alpha-tocopherol you need – which happens to be vitamin E in its purest and most powerful form. It actually protects you from cancer and heart disease. Since you know you’re getting your immunity boost from really natural stuff, you don’t even have to suspect that there is some corporation trying to pull one over you.

How about a child who has been playing outside who comes home with cuts and scrapes? What kind of natural cures would you recommend? Of course, you need something right away to put on it – an antiseptic or something. But what you are looking for is something that will really help your child heal quickly. The body really needs zinc to help heal injuries. The body needs it for immunity too. The thing is, our bodies can be really sensitive to even the slightest shortfall in our diet of this vital mineral. While you could get a zinc supplement, far better would be if you could give your child a handful of wheat germ in his food every day. The body absorbs natural zinc a lot better.

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How about that PMS? Not all women experience it, of course. But for the ones who do, it can be a really trying time. Natural cures do exist. Here’s a recipe: you need vitamin D and calcium. Both put together, research says, can be a powerful way of combating PMS. A great idea would be to pick up some low-fat pudding, and sprinkle about 3 tablespoons of nonfat powdered milk on it. Not only would this give you half of all the calcium you need every day, it would probably give you all the vitamin D you need as well.

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This post was written by NTFP_Assistant on February 23, 2012

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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