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Smoking And Skin Pathology: Diseases Of Mucosa Of Oral Cavity

Risk of occurrence of various diseases of a mucosa of oral cavity and labium


The leukoplakia represents a keratinization of mucosa of oral cavity or a red border of the labiums accompanied by an inflammation, arising, as a rule, in reply to a chronic exogenous boring. The certain role in a leukoplakia pathogenesis cialis dosage is played by internal causes, but external (mechanical, thermal, chemical) irritating factors, especially at their combination are more important.

Paramount value has influence of a hot tobacco smoke which causes in an epithelium augmentation of kernels of cells, the sizes of cells and an early keratinization. At leukoplakia localization on a red border of labiums the great value in its occurrence is given to a chronic trauma by a mouthpiece, a cigarette or a cigars to regular cauterization of a labium at smoking cigarettes up to the end, and also to adverse weather conditions, first of all to an insolation. Though the leukoplakia develops not only at smokers, smoking often plays an appreciable etiological role in development of this pathology.

The set of publications is devoted this problem. Researches show that from 72 to 99 % sick of a leukoplakia abused tobacco

It is necessary to remember: in spite of the fact that the leukoplakia is considered good-quality disease and usually independently regresses in process of excision of harmful agents, at 6-10 % of patients malignant transformation of lesions is observed, i.e. the leukoplakia is surveyed as precancerous disease.

Different versions of Leukoplakia buy Augmentin online at smokers

This disease is a version of a leukoplakia of mucosa of oral cavity. It also meats often at smoking people. In the literature it is possible to meet other names of this pathological process: a nicotinic leukokeratosis, a nicotinic stomatitis, the mouth of the smoker. The hard palate mucosa, and sometimes also part of a soft palate adjoining to is represented by slight white or gray coloring, often plaited. On this background there are red points – gaping ostiums of lead-out ducts of fine sialadens become well appreciable.
At sharply expressed process these red points settle down at top of small nodules of the semi ball-shaped form. This disease especially often meets at multismokers and also at the people smoking tubes or cigarettes. Despite the illness name, a disease principal cause is influence of pitches and high temperature, instead of nicotine. Unlike other forms of a leukoplakia this disease passes quickly, during approximately 2 weeks after the smoking termination. Theoretically probably leukoplakias of smokers getting more series form as well as any process accompanied by an appreciable hyperplasia of an epithelium, arising under the influence of smoking. Any way this is only useful information, but only you will have to make the final decision whether you won’t to quit smoking or not.

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