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Smoking And Skin Pathology Part 1

Smoking is one of the most frequent causes of death which the person in forces to prevent. Meanwhile in the world annually tobacco takes away about 3 million human lives.
Smoking cialis 40 mg is accurately bound to development of a cancer of lungs, emphysemas, a chronic bronchitis, a stroke, causes sudden death, an aortic aneurysm and diseases buy Phenamax online of peripheric vessels and also other serious pathology.

External implications and consequences of smoking are less known and are even less studied. Though dermal implications as consequences of smoking also are not so ominous in comparison with internal illnesses, they are quite real and are at the bottom of a significant amount of death. Knowledge of influence of smoking on a skin is very necessary to doctors as one more argument for an explanation to patients of danger of smoking and for propagation of a healthy way of life. Perhaps, it will allow some patients to stop and throw out cigarettes forever from their life; especially it concerns those people who more care of the appearance, than about potential danger to internal manifestations.

About importance of the information, concerning influences of smoking on a skin are said by that fact that the whole section of one of the issues of the magazine of the American academy of dermatology has been devoted this theme.

Smoking and risk of development of malignant neoplasms of a skin and mucous


It is clear that smoking is not at the bottom of occurrence of a melanoma, also there are no the researches proving that smoking enlarges risk of occurrence of this lethal disease. But a series of the positions concerning communications of smoking and a melanoma is not subject to doubts:

1. At smokers with larger probability found out metastasizes at the primary reference concerning a melanoma, than in the non-smoking. At inspection of2583 sick with melanoma people among men have taped metastasizes at 22,9 % of smoking and smoking in the past, and only at 11,2 % non-smoking.

Among women these indicators have made 12,6 and 5,8 % accordingly. At persons of both sexes dependence between smoking and an innidiation was linear: with growth of quantity of daily smoked cigarettes the percent of detection of metastasizes grew at statement of the diagnosis. D. Rigel and co-workers have parted sick with melanoma people (only 178 persons) on 2 groups: group of high risk into which the smokers using more of 15 packs of cigarettes in month, and the group of the low risk made from non-smoking, given up smoking, and the patients smoking less of 15 packs of cigarettes in month have entered.

2. At smokers life expectancy without relapse of melanoma after an establishment of the diagnosis and carrying out of treatment is lowered. Within 5 years after statement of the diagnosis of signs of order cialis a palindromia have not found at 53,5 % of smokers and at 63 % of non-smoking men (total number of patients was 1908). The ten years’ period without signs of relapse have established at 47 % of smokers and 67 % of non-smoking men.

3. Probability of death from melanoma is in 2 times above among smokers, than among non-smoking people, – 34 % against 15,1 % (observation was conducted during 72 months). It is established that smoking is one of statistically authentic criteria that allows predicting destruction of the patients having I stage of melanoma.

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