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Smoking And Skin Pathology Part 2

Risk of development of malignant formations free cialis on genital areas

The relative risk of occurrence of cancer of penis at the people smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day makes 2,22 in comparison with non-smoking people. At the men smoking more than 45 packs of cigarettes a year the risk of occurrence of cancer of penis increases in 3,2 times.

It is noticed that 53,8-55,6 % of the women sick of a cancer of proctal area, at the moment of inspection and illness revealing smoking.

Similar data is received at inspection of men: among the heterosex men sick of a cancer of proctal area, smoking make 55,3 %.

Statistically authentic prevalence of smoking women among sick of a vulva cancer in comparison with control group (49,3 % of smokers and 29,6 % in control group) is established. Statistically authentic risk of smoking has been established in group of the women smoking 10-20 cigarettes in day. It has found out that smoking is stronger risk factor of a non-invasive cancer than an invasive carcinoma. It has been found out authentic interaction between smoking and papilloma virus infection: at the smoking women having genital warts, the risk of development of cancer of vulva increased in 35 times in comparison with influence of any one of these 2 factors.

The important role of smoking in development of cancer of neck of uterus is shown. In cervical slime it has been found out derivatives of nicotine which reduce number of cells of Langerhans in a uterus neck that leads to human papilloma virus (HPV). Besides, products of metabolism of nicotine can induce mutations, promoting process of a carcinogenesis. Hence, carcinogens present at a tobacco smoke can operate at different stages separately or in a combination with HPV.

Thus, it is considered that though smoking is bound to development of cancer at places of genital localizations, the highest association is observed with development of cancer of penis (46,2 % of smokers against 23,9 % in control group), a vulva (59,5 % of smokers against 26,8 % in control group) and proctal area (57,9 % of men and 60,2 % of women against 23,9 and 26,8 % in control group accordingly.

Planocellular cancer

Authentic connection between smoking and risk of occurrence of a planocellular cancer has been also established. In comparison with non-smoking people this risk is the highest at constantly smoking (relative risk 2,01), to a lesser degree it is present at given up smoking people. The risk increases with augmentation of quantity of smoked cigarettes and durations of smoking. F. Grodstein and coworkers having surveyed about 110 000 of nurses have established that smokers have on 50 % larger risk of occurrence of planocellural cancer than at non-smoking people.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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