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Smoking And Skin Pathology Part 3

Communication of smoking with cancer development on a mucosa of oral cavity and labiums

Labium cancer

Influence of sun rays and tobacco are considered as major factors of risk of occurrence of cancer of labium. The majority of researches have shown that smoking really is a risk factor. Some authors consider that only joint influence of isolation and smoking bears authentic risk of occurrence of cancer of labium. Other authors consider that the insolation and smoking are independent risk factors of occurrence on labiums of dysplastic and malignant lesions.

Clearly that in the course of a carcinogenesis other factors have their influence, but as huge number of people smoking people participate in the research it has shown that nevertheless (approximately 80 %) of sick with labium cancer constantly smoke.

Cancer of mucosa of cialis generic vs brand oral cavity

The cancer of mucosa of oral cavity in overwhelming majority of cases is bound to a tobacco smoke. Excessive alcohol intake operates synergetic with a tobacco smoke that considerably strengthens risk of occurrence of a cancer. 50 packs of smoking more in a year have in 77,5 times larger risk of development of cancer of mucous oral cavity than for non-smoking people.

It is interesting that among Mormons who don’t take alcoholic drinks and don’t smoke, the oral cavity cancer practically doesn’t meet. Thus, all types of tobacco and ways of its use enlarge risk of development of a cancer in an oral cavity.

That fact that smokers have much more bad forecast concerning oncologic diseases, possibly, is bound to collateral influence of a cigarette smoke on immune system of patients, including effect on local immunity. So, for example, at smokers (both almost healthy and sick with the melanoma) have gained much lower activity of natural killers concerning the cultivated cells of a melanoma than at non-smoking people. Smokers in comparison with the non-smoking people have lower levels of IgG and IgA in blood serum. The majority of researchers consider as the basic mechanism of an induction of oncologic diseases direct cancerogenic cialis without prescription action of a cigarette smoke on a skin and system influence as nicotine and other components of tobacco are found out in various liquids and organism tissues.
Nicotinic leukokeratosis of tongue

Nicotinic leukokeratosis of tongue is known also under the name “tongue of the smoker”, – a homogeneous leukoplakia with hemispherical wounds affecting forward big part of the tongue. Disease arises exclusively at smokers, more often at smokers of cigarettes. It is most likely bound to influence of pitches and high temperatures. So you see what affect can have the cigarette smoke on your health and especially how badly it can affect your skin an also lead to a very serious consequences and health troubles. So think twice before you take the next cigarette.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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