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Stretch Mark Removal – Is It Possible Or Just A Myth?

There are acomplia price three main stretch marks removal methods available to those who suffer from these unsightly scars – Stretch mark creams, laser surgery, and cosmetic surgery. Sadly, though, not all of these mentioned treatments can effectively eliminate stretch marks 100%. It is possible that they can minimize the appearance of the scars, making them less visible than before. But so far, the only proven method in totally eliminating stretch marks is through cosmetic surgery.

Stretch marks are developed when the body undergoes an abrupt weight gain and weight loss which causes the skin to stretch and then scar. This is very common during pregnancy when the skin in the stomach area stretches beyond its elasticity limit. Stretch marks can also develop when there is an abrupt growth spurt such as puberty. Obesity and bodybuilding have also been known to be major causes of stretch marks. During these instances, the dermis of the skin is stretched over its limit causing damage to the skinís small fibers. As the tears heal, the can develop into scars that appears to be discolored and some can be quite deep.

The most popular stretch mark removal treatment  nowadays is stretch mark creams. Ads on TV and even online claim that stretch mark creams can effectively eliminate stretch marks and make the skin look as good as new. Undoubtedly, there are stretch mark creams that can effectively reduce the visibility of the scars and keep the skin moisturized. Unfortunately, there are no stretch mark creams as of date that can totally eliminate stretch marks.

Creams that have active ingredients such as aloe, lanolin, germ oil, and most especially cocoa butter help in keeping the skin amply moisturized. They also help in improving the skin’s elasticity. With these components, the visibility of the scars is considerably reduced by repairing the collagen and elastin stimulation of your skin. Ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, Retin A, Vitamins A and E helps in enhancing cell rejuvination which helps replace damage cells. So it also helps to exfoliate the skin every so often to speed up the eradication of dead skin cells..

Laser surgery, on the other hand, works better that creams in the sense that it increases the production of collagen. When new collagen is produced, it fills the skin from the deepest layer up to the outer layer. This forces the the scarred skin sale cialis upwards making the skin look less striated. It will take a couple of visits to your dermatologist to get the results you desire in laser surgery. There have been reported signs of swelling and sometimes even bruising after the first post-treatments. This is the result of the new skin cells that are produced over the area.

As mentioned earlier, the most effective stretch mark removal method is cosmetic surgery. Sad news is cosmetic surgery for stretch marks can only be done on the lower abdominal area of the body. There has not been any reported surgical method yet that can get rid of stretch marks that are visible in the other parts of the body. This procedure buy Cefadroxil online is done exactly as how they do tummy tucks. In the procedure, the surgeon removes excess skin and what remains of the skin is pulled taut and sutured back together. This eliminates all the visible signs of scarring in that particular area of the skin.

These are the different stretch marks removal treatment/procedures you can opt for. Of the three treatments, the creams are the least expensive. That is really not the case, even the best stretch mark creams in the market can only do so much in eliminating those embarassing scars. However, with the right ingredients, they can help reduce the scars’ visibility and keep your skin moisturized preventing further damage in the future.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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