Eczema Treatment – Mother Nature's Way

Chronic eczema sufferers understand, only too well that treating dermatitis is a fragile balancing act, with many over the counter products causing flare ups or added long term skin troubles.

Bursting With Nature have created a distinctly superior solution to soothe irritated and broken skin.
They based their conclusion on clinical research in the UNITED STATES which determined that high quality Grade 'A' African Shea butter is capable of not only decrease the number of flare ups suffered, but also soothe even the most harmed skin quickly to help stay clear of flare ups ending up being long term skin sores through continued scratching.

This chemical & paraben free cream provides high levels of minerals and vitamins topically and provides a thick barrier cream to ensure that all your natural moisture stays inside your skin.

Combine this with a quick acting 'anti itch' quality, which is natural to high quality Shea butter and the impact of dermatitis can be significantly reduced for the patient. There is no cure for dermatitis today but a natural, high quality treatment is now readily available.


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Shea Butter – The Perfect Psoriasis Cream

Raw Unrefined African Shea Butter – Psoriasis Treatment Without Side Effects.

Psoriasis sufferers will have a wonderful interest in the results of clinical tests performed by the Weiss Institute where the results of the considerable screening has offered validated proof that unrefined Shea butter works as an efficient solution for the symptoms of Psoriasis due to it’s thick hydrating qualities which are now shown to assist in keeping moisture while also protecting skin from external damage usually associated with the condition.
Shea butter, due to its natural condition, has zero chemical materials permitting the natural fats to be absorbed by the skin cells. African Shea butter is incredibly high in natural vitamins, unlike guy made vitamins, these have the ability to be absorbed by the body.
Vitamin E has been shown to assist with skin which is dry and has also been associated with reparation of broken cells and is said to be a natural solution to balancing and ‘normalising’ skin, while Vitamin A has a soothing and hydrating quality which is perfect for Psoriasis sufferers and Vitamin F is also significant in the treatment of psoriasis symptoms due to its natural capacity to sooth rough skin and hair by means of the 3 crucial fatty acids linoleic, lonolenic and arachidonic acids.
Shea butter holds the key to your symptom free skin, if you can spare 2 minutes, then your effort and time won’t be lost.

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The African Shea Butter Cure For Eczema, #1

Let's discuss the skin condition known as eczema, otherwise called atopic dermatitis, and how raw, organic shea butter can ease and potentially eliminate it with no risk and no drugs.

Eczema, which most likely has a hereditary element, can be caused by anything that can cause inflammation, such as irritants in the environment (or detergent traces in clothing), infection with germs or parasites, consumption of drugs, foods or toxins, or various internal conditions that can trigger skin inflammation.

The primary attributes of eczema match up with the primary therapeutic attributes of shea butter. Eczema is in essence inflammation of the skin, and is also distinguished by extreme dryness. Chronic eczema also involves essential fatty acid deficiency.

Shea butter is full of natural anti-inflammatory compounds; it is also one of the very best natural moisturizers in use; and it has large quantities of essential fatty acids.

One of the first targets in managing eczema is maintaining the maximum degree of skin hydration. Keeping the skin well hydrated disrupts the pathology of chronic eczema and other inflammatory conditions. Shea butter is one of the most intensely moisturizing compounds known, and contains some of the same fats present in our sebaceous secretions (our skin's natural moisturizers). While coconut butter and cocoa butter might be just as moisturizing, both have a comedogenic (pore clogging and acne promoting) rating of 4 on a scale of 5, whereas shea butter has a comedogenic rating of zero.

Why is shea butter better than artificial moisturizers for dermatitis encumbered skin? To start with, a lot of artificial moisturizers are based on substances that are unnatural to the skin, such as petroleum and mineral oil. These can disrupt the skin's natural moisturizing function, not to mention clogging pores and restricting oxygen uptake.

To get the rest of this important story about the natural treatment of chronic eczema, please look for the second part of this article.

But before you do, please view the instructional video below about shea butter and its use in dealing with chronic eczema and other skin problems.

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Natural Eczema Therapy with African Shea Nut Butter, #2

In pursuit of low cost manufacturing, inexpensive ingredients are often utilized in the skin care industry, and these can be hazardous. More than 84% of chemically based moisturizers incorporate immune system toxins, and close to 36% incorporate recognized carcinogens. More than 60% of substances utilized on the skin are quickly assimilated into the body — such as these contaminants!

And beyond the worst offenders, a lot of synthetic emollients incorporate chemical fragrances, which can be both toxins and irritants. At the same time, other synthetic ingredients, even if not overtly hazardous, can cause inflammation. And any irritant can instigate dermatitis episodes.

Shea butter assimilates quickly through all skin tissues and assures intense moisturization long after a lot of other emollients become ineffective. Good hydration promotes skin health, whereas dehydrated skin engenders problems and promotes inflammation.

Interruption of the epidermal barrier plays a central part in the progression of eczema. Defective skin barrier function contributes not just to moisture loss, but to skin porousness and susceptibility to irritants. This leads to redness, itching, and other symptoms of inflammation. Skin affected by eczema is also skin with poor barrier function.

Skin with barrier dysfunction has a decreased level of total lipids. The stearic acid, linoleic acid and catechins (antioxidants) in shea butter induce skin barrier regeneration and health. In addition, while locking water into the skin, shea butter itself forms a defensive, natural blockade against pollutants and destructive oils.

Of equal significance to its superior and persistant hydrating characteristics are shea butter's anti-inflammatory characteristics. A study released in the Journal of Oleo Sciences in 2010 identifies eight anti-inflammatory compounds (all triterpenes) found in shea butter. In addition to being natural anti-inflammatories, one of these compounds displayed anti-tumor action, and all eight displayed anti-viral action. The paper concluded: "… shea fat (shea butter) constitutes a significant source of anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor promoting compounds."

Since chronic eczema is an inflammatory condition, it isn't surprising that so many people have experienced excellent success treating it with raw shea butter.

If you haven't seen Part One of this short article, please search for the first installment (look for an article of the same title, followed by "#1"). However, before you do, please watch the video below to enhance your understanding of why shea butter is so beneficial in dealing with eczema.

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