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Treating Skin Problems And Dermal Signs Part 2

Let us talk in this article about Melanoma
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Birthmark is amusing, juicy, neutral, sometimes unpleasantly and here melanoma is already terrible. It is the malignant tumor growing from cells of a skin, able to develop a pigment melanin. Most of all such cells in birthmarks, therefore nine times out of ten the melanoma develops therefrom. In some skin cells occur mutations — breakage of the genetic apparatus, it starts to “revolt” — impetuously to share and in short terms of such “unusable” the cells grows to numerous amount.

About 70 years ago a melanoma diagnosed extremely seldom: one-two case on one thousand people. Today, according to the American oncologic society, danger threatens each 75 American. Each 5 years the number of dermal oncologic problems doubles.

It is better than knowledge blissful, but dangerous ignorance. Here what it is necessary to know about a melanoma…

1. Women are ill more often, than men (the risk increases at hormonal reorganizations of an buy cialis organism — puberty, pregnancy, climacterium), people of the Scottish type (with light eyes and the white skin, covered to freckles) more often, than swarty (and Blacks absolutely seldom), inhabitants of the southern countries — more often northerners, and those who adores to sunbathe, more often fans to luxuriate in shadow.

2. The melanoma can develop on any site of a skin, but, as a rule, it appears there where the clothes don’t cover a skin from the sun, it is buy Hip & Joint Chews Cats online a primary factor of risk and the most dangerous stimulus.

3. Symptoms of the beginning of disease — since the childhood the familiar birthmark suddenly starts to change color, the size, the form, in it the burning sensation is felt, the pricking, a strain, its surface becomes shining, varnish (without a dermal drawing).

4. At initial stage of disease when the tumor yet hasn’t given metastasizes treatment is very simple — surgical excision, absolutely simple and short operation. In 100 % melanoma will never remind of itself. Therefore, if it has arisen though the slightest suspicion, it is better to consult not with the girl-friend or the neighbor, but with the doctor and without any “doubtful” speck to show to the oncologist.

5. By right of succession with genes disease it isn’t transferred.

Any way don’t worry and don’t panic as all these skin problems can be easily solved if you have noticed and reacted on it on time. So just be careful and follow these advices given in the article and everything will be just fine as there is nothing that much dangerous and harmful if you have noticed and treated it on time. Also I want to mention that condition of the skin it is possible to improve on a health resort rounds to Cuba, rest in Cuba.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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