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Treating Skin Problems: Psoriasis Part 2

Is there any alternative to application of steroid agents?

I have set for the first time this question to myself when only began to study this problem more activity. Many years have I spent doing all kind of experiments, selection and test of the diversified components. And today I can answer your question positively. I have developed a complex of preparations for treatment of psoriasis which don’t contain any steroids. It is clearing gel, ointment and the conditioner for care of a skin.

Operating substances of preparations are oils and phytogenesis fats. An exception is only the solution of pitch and coal which contains in abstersive gel. On the basis of the analysis of the State pharmacological institute of Ministry of Health of Austria it is possible to exclude presence in these preparations of such bonds, as vegetative substances.

In their basis are exclusively vegetative components. So, gel contains fruit acids for careful excision of flakes. Ointment consists of a special combination of non-polluting curative grasses. It urged to soften and protect a skin. The conditioner is based on vegetable oils; it effectively looks after the amazed cialis generic brand sites.

How much effective are these preparations?

As the doctor, I have got used to check carefully effectiveness of those or other preparations. Therefore clinical tests of my agents passed in authoritative European clinics. In particular, clinical efficiency of preparations was investigated in Austria, in an ambulatory of Unit of special dermatological diseases and ecological dermal diseases.

During tests efficiency of group of preparations of doctor Michaels was compared to a placebo, substances with neutral effect. Neither attending physicians, nor patients didn’t know who would receive what preparation. As a result we have obtained very convincing data. After eight weeks of therapy in group of the patients using operating substances, improvement was more appreciable, than at those who received a placebo. In the first group the simplification was felt by 87 % of patients, whereas in the second sale cialis – 22 %. Thus by-effects of allergenic character have tested only the three patients receiving preparations of doctor Michaels.

The psoriasis can’t be cured up to the end. But it is possible to be treated.

Also oil palm with beta carotene is a unique product which contains in the structure natural multivitamins, nonsaturated fats and carotenoids. Using palm-oil inside, the organism is enriched with natural vitamins and nutrients which normalize enzymatic and metabolic processes, especially lipid exchange. Thanks to it, the condition of a skin, fingernails, hair improves, sight improves, the metabolism is restored and also the weight is normalized.

Included into structure of palm-oil beta carotene and lecithin, give to this preparation treatment-and-prophylactic properties; lecithin restores work of a liver, a pancreas, a lien and normalizes indicators of Saccharin of a blood. Palm oil with beta carotene can be applied in complex therapy at various diseases of a gastro enteric tract, cardiovascular and central nervous system and also at dermal diseases.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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