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Wart Treatment With The Help Of Thoracal Milk

The Swedish scientists have framed a dermatological cream which structure includes components of female thoracal milk. The preparation calls “Hamlet”, it has shown high efficiency against even most hard removable warts.

The key component of a cream is the bond, named an alpha-lactoallbuminolane acid – collects in kernels of the amazed cells and breaks harmonious work of organellas and causes cell self-destruction. At the same time, in a healthy skin this substance is not collected – thus the new preparation possesses sharp selectivity of action.

The warts appearing on arms and feet, grow out of introduction in a false skin (top skin layer) a virus of a papilloma (HPV). Usually they buy cialis generic are steady against treatment by various ointments and creams, but the cryolysis (local influence by liquid nitrogen) usually gives good effect.

Researchers from university of the Swedish city of Lund (Lund University) consider that their preparation will allow treating not only usual warts, but also very serious dermatological diseases, such as cancer of a neck of a uterus, genital warts, and also some kinds of a skin cancer which also cause a virus of a papilloma of the person, but its other types.

In total three-weeks of application of a cream has reduced the size of warts by three quarters at all 20 volunteers participating in tests. At the same who used a placebo (baby’s dummy), such reduction has made only 15 percent – in 5 times less. Then both groups have been treated by “Hamlet”. In two years at all 40 volunteers of a wart have completely disappeared.

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It is necessary to tell that for cream test those patients at whom traditional treatment didn’t give any effect have been selected. Results of researches are published in New England Journal of Medicine.

Doctor Edel O’Toole from the Center of dermatological researches of London named this information interesting, but has warned against premature conclusions – usually for two years of 65 percent of warts disappear quite independently. So the declared efficiency of a method in 83 percent is not such impressing, considers О’Toole.

Also I want to mention about calcium mineral that is not only good for our bones but also for the whole organism renewal and also it is a good protection of our immune system that is very important during warts treatment.



It participates in an osteogenesis (flat and tubular bones of a skeleton, teeth), is the catalyst of reactions of the cascade of a fibrillation, reactions of muscular reduction between an actin and a myosin, (participation in any active activity of the person, maintenance of a tonus of a skeletal musculation, work of muscles on realization of vital certificates – respiratory movements etc), the calcium is necessary for maintenance of a vascular tonus and certain level of the intravascular pressure which is required for occurrence nutrients in a tissue, activates a lipase – enzyme, cialis lipolytic, participates in a signal transmission in erethitic tissues, participates in resetting of force of the immune system (desensitizing action).

Insufficiency symptoms. Arthralgia, fragility of fingernails, an eczema, increase of a rhythm of heart, an arterial hypertensia, a spasmophilia, nervousness, paresthesias and a numbness, a rachitic, destruction of teeth, weakening of mental faculties.

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