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What Is With Corticosteroids – Are They Helpful In Eczema Flare Ups Or Not?

If you have had eczema for some time now you have probably seen or heard of corticosteroids, or used Corticosteroids to decrease your outbreaks. However, there are also a great many eczema sufferers who will not touch corticosteroids for fear of unintended effects – and others who just avoid any sort of medicines and prefer natural treatments entirely.

So how can we find the truth of this matter? Lets take a look …

What Are Corticosteroids?

These are a type of steroid, but not the type that gives you huge muscles. They are regularly topical, in that you apply them directly to the skin to make them do their work. These are made in labs to produce creams that come in a variety of strengths, but most dermatologists only best price cialis prescribe the lowest strength of them to try to avoid the variety of side effects.

Do Corticosteroids Work?

Briefly, they do. Cortisteroids are powerful anti-inflammation drugs that when applied to your swollen skin can greatly lessen this, give you more relaxation cialis 5mg tablets and speed along eczema restoration. There is a time and place for this drug as it does create positive results under controlled conditions.

What Are The Side Effects?

This is where corticosteroids fall down, there are a immense number of probable side effects from application of this drug and so it can be a worry for many eczema sufferers. buy Generic Motrin online Such side effects include:

* Cataracts – When corticosteroids are used near the eyes
* Glaucoma – Another eye problem that afflicted regular users of corticosteroids
* Gastrointestinal effects – Lots of problems including indigestion as just the weakest problem
* Growth retardation – kids using the drug too much can stunt thier growth
* Hypertension – high blood pressure is a big problem in regular use
* Osteoporosis – The lowering of bone density is an issue mainly for women but also for some men
* Skin effects- including stretch marks and spider veins
* Weight gain – from an appetite increase but also water and fluid retention can cause this too
* Infection; skin rashes and irritation; skin thinning; and formation of dilated blood vessels

As you can see, this is not a pleasing list and while most people do not suffer from these things, a growing number of eczema sufferers can acquire some of these diseases and conditions with steady use.

So if corticosteroids look too dangerous for you, and you would favor a answer that has long term benefits to stop flare ups forever – not just curing the current crop of symptoms – click below to find out more about a Holistic remedies for Eczema that can help you put an end to eczema.

Natural eczema remedies

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