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What To Look For In A Stretch Mark Treatment Cream

Is there any cream that is an effective stretch mark treatment? Stretch marks are developed deep within the skin. It is therefore unlikely for a cream to be able to totally eliminate stretch marks. But with the right ingredients in the cream, it may be able to reduce the appearance of the scars to a point of being almost invisible.

Fact is, stretch marks is one of the top 10 causes of anxiety and embarrassment for most women. There is no doubt that many women will invest a lot of time and money to purchase the best creams what will treat stretch marks. But how can we be sure that the stretch mark treatment cream we are considering is indeed effective?

One thing every woman should know is that the effectiveness of a stretch mark cream is not dependent on the brand or the cost of the cream. Most people assume that the more expensive the skin cream is, the better it will be. Surely, this is not always the case. What makes a cream an effective cialis stretch mark treatment are the components or the ingredients that are incorporated in the cream.

Below is a list of the different ingredients you should be looking for in a stretch mark cream.

1. Emu Oil – known for the ability to penetrate the epidermis.

Emu oil has been proven to reach the deeper layers of the skin. It’s microscopic properties buy 20 mg acomplia online has the ability to penetrate the epidermis and reach the underlying layers where the scars have developed. Emu oil has natural vitamin A, vitamin E, and Oleic Acid, which are widely known as skin rejuvenating ingredients and anti wrinkle agents.

2.Castor Oil – a natural antioxidant.

Castor Oil is very rich in vitamin E, which is known to be the best natural antioxidant. It’s ability to moisturize the skin delays the skin from advanced aging and it helps fight further damage. It has been scientifically proven that consistent application of pure castor oil to the damaged skin area significantly improves the skin’s condition.

3.Grape Seed Extract – a powerful anti-oxidant.

Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins can be found natural grape seed extract. These components are very powerful anti-oxidants. These are non-toxic and can be very effective even at low concentrations. Grape seed extract helps in the quick absorption of vitamin C. The combination of grape seed extract and vitamin pharmacy without a prescription C aid in the strengthening of the cell membrane, prevents the development of unwanted enzymes, and protects the wall of the capillary. Aside from its ability to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, grape seed extract is also very popular in removing cellulite and old scars.

4.Glycolic Acid – popular ingredient for anti aging.

Glycolic acid is widely used in creams that are known to prevent and remove wrinkles. It is a potent ingredients that can exfoliate, moisturize and tone the skin. It prevents and reduces the build up of dead skin cells. However, glycolic acid can be dangerous if it is used in high concentrations. Make sure that cream has glycolic acid that does not exceed 10 percent (10%) concentration.

5.  Aloe Vera.

We are all familiar with Aloe Vera and its healing components. It is used in treating skin burns. It is widely used in most moisturizing lotions. Aloe Vera speeds up the healing of the skin damage and it is also used to reduce the skin’s swelling and inflammation.

6. Ingredients that enhances Collagen production.

Stretch marks are formed from the stretching and breaking of collagen, which is located in the deep layers of our skin. Lucky for us, modern science has been successful in developing skin creams that are rich with ingredients that can enhance the production of collagen. The new collagen in our skin’s system fills up the voids caused by the tearing of old collagen, making our skin look healthier and less scarred.

So the next time you go shopping for an effective stretch mark treatment cream, look for creams that have all of the components mentioned above. Most creams contain ingredients that are only effective in covering up your stretch marks with new skin cells. Remember that the scars are located in the dermis which is the middle layer of the skin. Most creams which contain only moisturizers, vitamins K and C will not effectively solve the problem since it does not have the ability to penetrate the epidermis. Along with the application of a cream that has the ingredients mentioned above, make sure that you exfoliate and moisturize your skin daily to get maximum results.

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