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Yeast Infection Relief – The Real Cause

Yeast infections also known as candida albicans can effect the body in a number of different ways.If you’re like me and want long term yeast infection relief that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. It’s our goal to help you do just that.

The list below is just a small number of ways in which yeast infections can cause havoc on your body:

urinary tract infections (uti’s)
bladder infections
oral thrush
canker sores
athelets foot
seborrheic dermatitis
kidney infections

and I could go on forever.

Over the course of your life I can pretty much guarantee you that you’ve had one of these issues. If you haven’t trust me, you probably will and it’s not pretty. There’s constant burning and itching, skin rashes and outbreaks, soreness and skin dryness etc. It’s not pretty to say the least. But yeast infection relief can happen, remember that.

Discovering yeast infection relief that will last a lifetime is a matter of life and death. If you want yeast infection relief it’s going to take a drastic change in your lifestyle. Most likely you have candida or a yeast infection is because of a unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Also you may not have been able to control all of the factors that cause your yeast infection.

I can pretty much bet you have not heard this in your life. The lack of good or beneficial bacteria is the main reason why so many people today have chronic recurring yeast infections and candida. And the number one cause of that is that we were not breast fed as a baby.

As an aside, if you really want some good info about how to cure a yeast infection that can be tailored to meet your specific body type, I really think you should checkout this review of yeast infection no more.

Here are a few things that lowers our beneficial bacteria, causing our immune system to crash and allowing bad bacteria to proliferate, which causes yeast infections. If you want real yeast infection relief pay attention to the list below.

1. Not being breast fed
2. Eating too many carbs
3. Childhood vaccinations
4. Fluoridated water
5. Too many antibiotics
6. Exposure to chlorene
7. Combining oils and sweets
8. Amalgam fillings
9. Immunization shots
10. Heavy metals
11. Stress
12. Lack of sleep
13. Lack of exercise

Now that you have the things that keep you from long lasting yeast infection relief, let’s talk about the things you can do to heal yourself. Just as a side note, if all you did was focus on correcting that list above, you’d see some great changes in your health and probably get really good yeast infection relief.

1. Fermented foods (Kefir, raw cheeses, sauerkraut, miso, kombucha, yogurt)
2. Pau D’Arco Tea
3. Using a zapper
4. Add baking soda into your diet
5. SBO’s (soil based organisms)
6. Prebiotics (Raw chicory root, Yacon root syrup, fresh raw aloe vera)

Candida feeds on sugar, replace your current sugars with things like stevia and yacon root syrup. You can still eat sweet foods but now you can do it in a healthy way without feeing the bad bacteria. Making small daily changes to your diet and lifestyle can give you almost immediate yeast infection relief, just remember that.

You have beneficial and non beneficial bacteria in your intestinal lining. You should have less than 10% bad bacteria in your body. The main issue is that many people have way too much bad bacteria in their body. So here’s what you need to do, starve the bad bacteria and don’t feed them. In the meantime feed the good bacteria and you’ll be on your way to yeast infection relief that will last a lifetime.

I hope you do this as a lifestyle because your health depends on the ratio of good vs bad bacteria in your body.

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DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

DermaSOLVE® The Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

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